A Banana Theory

One of the disappointments about food in Australia is the sky-high prices for bananas. Rumor has it that a cyclone wiped out banana crops, but more likely, fruit is hard to import into Australia because of quarantines.

But I have a better theory about why bananas cost upwards of $AU 14.99 per kilo.

I have never been to a country that seems so enamored with banana bread. Almost every café serves the fruity bread, and most places have deals such as cup of coffee+toasted banana bread for “only” five dollars. If you have ever made banana bread, you would know that the best bananas to use are those that are overripe. Seeing as bananas are so expensive in Australia, I’m betting that most stores don’t sell out. Instead, the fruit becomes brown and not suitable for sale–except for those who want to make banana bread.

Typically a store will slash prices on food that is at the “sell by” date, despite the food still being perfectly good to eat. I hypothesize that someone, somewhere in Australia, who wants to make a lot of banana bread, stocks up on these cheaper overripe bananas.

I love eating bananas for breakfast or after a long run. Guess I will have to either savor every bite of a three dollar banana or make a loaf of bread while in Australia.


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