Tim Tam Slam

If you go to Australia, it is practically sinful to not try a Tim Tam. These cookies are the Oreos of Australia. They are a delicious concoction of chocolate (and sometimes white chocolate) covered biscuits with a creamy filling. And while they come in many varieties, the best is the “double coat.” Think Double Stuff Oreos but Tim Tam style.

Most importantly, try doing a Tim Tam slam, which involves biting off two opposite corners of the cookie and sipping a warm drink like coffee or hot cocoa through the biscuit.

Here are a few recipe ideas involving Tim Tams:

-Try a Tim Tam Cake that looks like a giant Tim Tam and has Tim Tams within the cake batter;

-Make Raspberry Tim Tam Tarts with ground Tim Tam “soil;”

-Or whip up a Tim Tam treat with a Tim Tam Fudge Slice

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