La Espiga De Oro

I don’t skateboard. The last time I tried skateboarding, I face-planted on the pavement in an act that, if filmed, could have qualified for America’s Funniest Home Videos. I still have a scar on my hip from this incident.

On the contrary, my boyfriend skateboards and does not face-plant. It amazes me.

I am occasionally a groupie to his skateboarding adventures, following him and his friends to places not sought out by the average eye.  Yet every once and a while a groupie needs to eat and create his or her own experiences. One time after watching skating for a few hours, I embarked on my own adventure to the Mission District in San Francisco. After evaluating every storefront, every menu, and seeing many different types of Mexican food, I chose to stop at La Espiga De Oro in the Mission District of San Francisco. Just my luck that this place serves some of the best Mexican food I have tasted. And it’s cheap.

I ordered several burritos for myself and the skaters. Guacamole and chips were included.

While waiting for my order, I inspected the shop from head to toe with my camera, looking like an idiot who just happened upon Mexican food for the first time.

End of story: eat here. This was one of the best meals, and as far as cost benefits go, you get filled up for cheap.

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