I have a terrible habit of reading food blogs and news. Gasp, I spend more time looking at food porn than I dilly-dally on Facebook (sorry Mark Zuckerberg). However, my food-reading habit is just as great a procrastination tool as Facebook.

High Minded: A Tasting Tour of the Munchies ( Here’s an interesting look inside the land of munchies. From calling a frozen stick of butter lathered in sugar as “Eskimo Frosting” to fried shallots, this is the guide to high munchie eating.

Bananas: The Uncertain Future of a Favorite Fruit (NPR) I recently posted about my theory on Australian bananas (A Banana Theory). This NPR interview is a great discussion of the sexless, delicious fruit.

Pink Palace, Former Boston Common Bathroom, To Open as Restaurant (Huffington Post) I know of this no-longer-functioning bathroom for the sole reason that people were ironically urinating on the outside of the building after the Bruin’s parade. Oh, city of Boston. Now it’s being turned into a sandwich shop, with a lease of $50,000 per year.

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