Australian Food 101

As my time in Sydney continues, I’m adjusting more and more to life abroad. While in actuality, my life in Oz differs little from my life in the US, some culinary differences are notable. This list will likely grow from now until the end of my stay, but for now, here’s a quick sum up of my Australian food experience:

-Cheerios are not owned by General Mills in Australia, but instead by Uncle Toby’s. The cereal comes in two varieties, Honey and Oat, or Multi-grain. There is no such thing as plain Cheerios, nor Honey Nut Cheerios.

-Cilantro is impossibly hard to find in supermarkets, as is sage.

-Forget about black beans.

-Microwaveable popcorn seems to be less popular in Australia than in the United States. The supermarkets nearby only carry one or two kinds of popcorn, most with a whopping 20 grams of fat per bag!

-Rice cakes come in “thick” and “thin” sizes, compared to the standard thick size of rice cakes in the United States.

-Seasons are opposite. I can enjoy fresh, local(ish) strawberries while my friends at home can’t.

-Tipping is not compulsory at restaurants, unless the service is other-worldly.

-A Tim Tam is the Australian Oreo. (However, Oreos are still sold in stores here.)

-Sultanas are raisins. Technically, they are white raisins. Check the Australian shelves for “Sultana Bran.”

-Rocket is the salad green of choice. I have yet to spot romaine lettuce, though most stores have spinach and iceberg lettuce.

-Ginger ale, which is called ginger beer, actually tastes like ginger and there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic types available.




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