Reflection on Gastrointestinal Problems

More and more, I realize that I discuss food poisoning and, more generally, gastrointestinal issues in my posts. We’re all human, I suppose. It’s just that no one wants to discuss vomiting, diarrhea, and other not so pleasant sensations.

To continue with my stomach stories, Bali was an incredibly eye-opening, chaotic, beautiful, stressful, spiritual, amazing trip. It also amounted to me contracting some bacterial infection, which the doctor supposes is Giardia.

And so, while I have sat in bed for the last three days feeling like death is eating my body away, I realized that travel is not always about being comfortable. Travel is not necessarily the easiest. It is not always what you expect. But at the end of the day (or more aptly put, at the end of the traveling), the fact that you ate some funky foods, rode in a ramshackle vehicle, met some of the nicest people, ran away from some of the pushiest people, got bit by a monkey, didn’t know how to ask for constipation medicine, saw magnificent temples, sailed for five hours and got sea legs, and saw a part of the world that makes you grateful for your life is what makes traveling worthwhile.

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