Australian Domino’s Mystery

Australia needs to learn how to make pizza. It is ironic that some of the yummiest pizza I have tasted in a while was in Bali.

On a different note, there is a Domino’s around the corner from my apartment, and although I have not personally ordered a pizza from here, I have seen them. My conclusion? Australian Domino’s pizza is not the same as American Domino’s pizza. Check it out below–gone is the puffy, dense American crust:

Australian Domino's
American Domino's

3 thoughts on “Australian Domino’s Mystery

  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but true American,aka NewYork City/Queens pizza is not puffy and the crust is not dense! The crust is thin with the bottom loaded with semolina and the top with just enough cheese, olive oil and oregano to make your palate tingle! You need to plan a trip to Wall Street, Brooklyn and Queens and learn what real food is all about!

    1. Thanks Maui Mum for your comment–I wasn’t trying to imply that Domino’s pizza was “American” pizza. In fact, I don’t believe it’s good pizza. I was merely comparing American Domino’s to Australian Domino’s. New York has some fine establishments, such as the ever-famous Lombardi’s. But go to Italy for the best of the best…

      1. Why spend money going to Italy when the USA has it all here! Especially NYC! And next time you’re in NY, try John’s Pizzeria…a notch better than Lombardi’s!

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