Oatmeal-Appreciation Timeline

When I was little, I enjoyed the taste of raw instant oatmeal, without water. I also enjoyed cooked instant oatmeal, so long as it didn’t have any additional flavors or sugar. For some reason, I liked the slightly salty, considerably bland taste of plain old oatmeal.

I still eat oatmeal today, and I consider it to be a favorite breakfast of mine. I still like it plain, made with water instead of milk, though I have enjoyed the addition of brown sugar or cinnamon.

And now comes the next progression in my Oatmeal-Appreciation Timeline: Steel cut oatmeal. To some, this is the holy grail of oatmeal because it is more wholesome and less processed than regular oatmeal. Some find it too nutty or chewy. I find it somewhere right in between, both satisfying and textured. The only downside? Steel cut oatmeal can take a long time to properly cook. Usually preparations involve soaking the oats overnight.

But then, thanks to my aunt’s recommendation, the lengthy preparation problem was solved. Trader Joe’s sells frozen servings of brown sugar and maple syrup steel cut oatmeal. The only cooking you need to do is pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. It’s surprisingly delicious, not too sweet and not too nutty. The oats are nutritious, and even more so than regular oatmeal, they fill you up. That’s my kind of steel cut oats.

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