Christmas = Andes Chocolate Mints

Every Christmas, my late grandmother would bring over Andes Chocolate Mints. Similarly, every Easter she would have a stock of Russell Stover lemon squares, which from my google searches seem to no longer exist (hint to Russell Stover: if you bring these candies back to the market, I will buy every single box).

Chocolate and mint are like chocolate and peanut butter. Or for me, raw onions and ketchup and/or mustard. It is the perfect combination. Not to mention, while Andes Mints still make an appearance at my family’s Christmas dinner, why not put them in a cookie?

This recipe from Baker’s Royale is terrific and relatively easy. If you have a standing mixer, this recipe is very easy. Don’t have a standing mixer? Be prepared to be mixing the ingredients for a good fifteen minutes. My arms are jacked now. Because of all the mixing, the eggs take the place of most dry ingredients and butter (so hypothetically these are healthier–except that then you add in chocolate and Andes). Espresso granules are added for some extra oomph, and the bittersweet cookie against the sweet, minty Andes is delicious. The cookie is almost meringue-like because of the eggs, which at first was a turn-off for me when reading the recipe because I like soft, squishy cookies. But don’t run away because these cookies melt in your mouth with a minty-chocolate taste. What more could you ask for, besides Russell Stover lemon squares or raw onions and ketchup?

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