Back to School, Blueberry Lemon Bread

I have moved back to the land of college life, and at least this time around I have black beans, peanut butter and bagged lettuce. Upstate New York is diametrically opposite Sydney, Australia.

Before I headed back to school, I savored my last moments in a clean, uncrowded, fully-supplied kitchen. My cat decided to help out:

The other, much wiser cat just slept.

I sent my boyfriend a loaf of Lemon Blueberry Bread. You can find the recipe here. I didn’t get to taste this one, since the recipe only yielded one loaf (and it would be strange to send a loaf with a slice cut off, right?). But I particularly liked how this “bread” had a lemon glaze poured on top. Heavenly. I used frozen blueberries, since the current supply of fresh blueberries in New England come from Chile.


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