Boothbay Harbor, ME

In Maine, the words “hot” and “oppressive” and “humid” don’t usually describe the summer weather. But on this particular night in Boothbay Harbor, the weather was just that: gross. When it’s too hot that you can barely eat, small meals and tapas, like the ones at Boat House Bistro, are appealing.

We ordered Scallops with Grilled Polenta in a maple blueberry sauce. As intriguing as these sounded, and as the restaurant’s best-selling tapas, I was not amazed. Certainly the scallops were cooked perfectly. However the sauce was too funky, too confusing for my taste buds, for me to enjoy.

We also ordered Lobster Salad Cups with tarragon and mango mayonnaise in phyllo cups. The lobster was terrific, but the crunchy shell was distracting and awkward to chew. I also didn’t taste the mango or the vanilla, which was disappointing.

I finished dinner off with a supremely delicious Maine Blueberry Mojito. Despite the blueberries getting stuck in the straw, I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet refresher.

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