Strawberry Season

Fresh, local strawberries are unbeatable. These tasted like candy, and my Dad actually thought someone had added sweetener. Nope, just Mother Nature at her finest. For dinner, I made Couscous with Artichokes, Sun-dried Tomatoes, and Feta. As far as grains go, couscous is one of the healthiest options. With more vitamins than pasta, this semolina-relatedContinue reading “Strawberry Season”

First Byte: “All I want when I graduate is a lemon juicer”

I don’t have a true background in the food industry, nor do I have a degree in the sciences. I don’t, and won’t, claim any sort of culinary superiority. I’m just a girl learning how to cook. I have much to learn, and I look forward with great enthusiasm to my kitchen experiments, both theContinue reading “First Byte: “All I want when I graduate is a lemon juicer””