Salted Double Chocolate Peanut Cookies

Something is making me sneeze. Perhaps it is the┬ácolossal pollen eruption that took over my neighborhood: Or maybe it has to do with this new family member: Here’s another photo, because one is just not enough: One thing for sure is that these scrumptious things are so amazing that I would be willing to sneezeContinue reading “Salted Double Chocolate Peanut Cookies”

My Grandmother’s Favorite Cookies

My grandfather had a passion for genealogy, and I believe most everyone in my family was affected by his zest for family heritage. He kept a diary for most of his life, something that most people can’t say they have done. I was always intrigued by family histories, particularly that of my maternal grandmother. BornContinue reading “My Grandmother’s Favorite Cookies”

Almond Joy Cookies

I am now living in a house with fifteen other people, and though our kitchen is generous in size, I still only have one shelf to keep all of my food. This means that boxes of cereal, cans of soup, and coffee take precedence for shelf space over kitchen staples like flour, sugar, etc. WhatContinue reading “Almond Joy Cookies”

The Ocean (and Brown Butter-Fleur de Sel-Chocolate Chip Cookies)

I made these: I went here: The ocean is my therapy. Maybe I have obscured vision, but if you stare at the horizon for long enough, it becomes a solid white line. Things become aligned, at peace. Even if it is below freezing out. Other things that make me at peace: film rolls and theseContinue reading “The Ocean (and Brown Butter-Fleur de Sel-Chocolate Chip Cookies)”

Gluten Free Salted Caramel Cookie Cups

I know Christmas is impending when the traffic within a ten mile radius of the mall is at a stand still. Thankfully, I went to yoga this morning and got my patience all sorted out, which made the traffic less bothersome. Other signs of Christmas have included, but are not limited to: -my mother cleaningContinue reading “Gluten Free Salted Caramel Cookie Cups”

The Cutest Cookies: Reindeer Style

When I was little, I left out cookies, a diet orange soda, and some lettuce for Santa and his reindeer, similar to most children. Additionally, I drew out a map of our house in case he got lost (I don’t think it’s possible to ever get lost in my house, but I wanted to makeContinue reading “The Cutest Cookies: Reindeer Style”

Christmas = Andes Chocolate Mints

Every Christmas, my late grandmother would bring over Andes Chocolate Mints. Similarly, every Easter she would have a stock of Russell Stover lemon squares, which from my google searches seem to no longer exist (hint to Russell Stover: if you bring these candies back to the market, I will buy every single box). Chocolate andContinue reading “Christmas = Andes Chocolate Mints”

The Australian Chocolate Chip Situation

These are good. So damn good that I nearly ate myself into a coma. My original intention was to make a treat for a presentation I had to give on the appropriate topic of Tasty Cities. What happened in the end was that I shared these with some friends and a birthday boy. Aside fromContinue reading “The Australian Chocolate Chip Situation”