Smooth Start to Summer

You will feel healthy when you drink (or slurp, or scoop) this smoothie. You will feel your skin glow. You will be proud of the fact that you ate spinach for breakfast. You will be satisfied. Whenever I eat a healthy breakfast, I feel like I’ve given my body good karma for the day. ThisContinue reading “Smooth Start to Summer”

A Taste of Grapes…

Whenever I used to hear people describing wine as oaky, cherry, good with fish, bad with spicy food, dry, or citrusy, I thought wine tasted like one thing: grapes. Occasionally I would joke that wines had the taste of mahogany, starfruit, or insect repellent. I’ll be the first to admit that my wine taste budsContinue reading “A Taste of Grapes…”

De Medici, Bruges

Here’s another post about the glorious subject of food poisoning. Last summer, I traveled to London with my parents where we Indian-restaurant-hopped. This would be┬ámy family’s version of bar hopping. We ate not one, not two, but three Indian meals in a row. I love Indian food, with all of its comforting deep-fried pakoras andContinue reading “De Medici, Bruges”