Emperor Cream Puffs

Once upon a time, I arrived in Honolulu with my parents, jet-lagged, fatigued, and hungry. We decided to walk to a cheap eats Vietnamese sandwich shop for dinner. Several miles later, with lots of whining, uncomfortable feet, and growling stomachs, we arrived at the restaurant. Much to our chagrin, the shop was located next to,Continue reading “Emperor Cream Puffs”

De Medici, Bruges

Here’s another post about the glorious subject of food poisoning. Last summer, I traveled to London with my parents where we Indian-restaurant-hopped. This would be my family’s version of bar hopping. We ate not one, not two, but three Indian meals in a row. I love Indian food, with all of its comforting deep-fried pakoras andContinue reading “De Medici, Bruges”

La Espiga De Oro

I don’t skateboard. The last time I tried skateboarding, I face-planted on the pavement in an act that, if filmed, could have qualified for America’s Funniest Home Videos. I still have a scar on my hip from this incident. On the contrary, my boyfriend skateboards and does not face-plant. It amazes me. I am occasionallyContinue reading “La Espiga De Oro”