Continuation of my Mexican Food Binge

Back in December, I met with the CEO and founder of a site called Tasted Menu. The concept is simple: eat a dish, post a picture, give it a rating. Unlike Yelp and other review sites, this site helps consumers narrow down the best dishes at a restaurant or in a city. You can alsoContinue reading “Continuation of my Mexican Food Binge”

Eggnog Cookies That Look (But Don’t Taste) Like Dumplings

Eggnog is the sort of drink where I down a glass and then wonder why the hell I just drank it all, as it sinks slowly into my stomach. But then I relish in the fact that it’s Christmastime and I only taste the creamy drink once a year, while carols are playing in theContinue reading “Eggnog Cookies That Look (But Don’t Taste) Like Dumplings”

Market Scenes, Bali

A visit to a market in the countryside near Ubud was the most “off the beaten track” experience in Bali. This is the ultimate farmers’ market, unlike any that I have ever visited. I’m not talking about homemade artisan granola, hormone-free-grass-fed chicken, or hearty linseed whole grain bread. I’m talking dirt, grime, and deliciousness. OneContinue reading “Market Scenes, Bali”

First Byte: “All I want when I graduate is a lemon juicer”

I don’t have a true background in the food industry, nor do I have a degree in the sciences. I don’t, and won’t, claim any sort of culinary superiority. I’m just a girl learning how to cook. I have much to learn, and I look forward with great enthusiasm to my kitchen experiments, both theContinue reading “First Byte: “All I want when I graduate is a lemon juicer””