Mango Margaritas

If I could live on the beach (in 80 degree weather, 24/7/52/365), I would.

Even if it meant sleeping in a tent or eating PB&Js speckled with grains of sand.

I almost lived on the beach last weekend, as I spent both Saturday and Sunday at my favorite beach. Instead of PB&Js, I ate sushi.

Coming home from the beach, I always get that dazed feeling  where all I want is a fruity, cold concoction. This can be ice cream, lemonade, or in this past weekend’s case, margaritas.

These mango margaritas  are from Cooking Light. Although the recipe calls for champagne mangoes (frozen and chopped), I skimped on this step and used frozen mangoes from the supermarket. I have a feeling that using the fresh fruit would have taken this up a notch, but hey, sometimes I forget that patience is a virtue. I didn’t add the dried pequin chiles because, again, I was lazy and also didn’t want spice. Just cold. Cold, thick, fruity and satisfying. This did the job.


The Ocean (and Brown Butter-Fleur de Sel-Chocolate Chip Cookies)

I made these:

I went here:

The ocean is my therapy.

Maybe I have obscured vision, but if you stare at the horizon for long enough, it becomes a solid white line. Things become aligned, at peace. Even if it is below freezing out.

Other things that make me at peace: film rolls and these cookies.

These are heavenly Brown Butter-Fleur de Sel-Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have never browned butter before, but boy does it add a kick to the average chocolate chip cookie. And then you add sea salt and suddenly these cookies are divine. Check out the recipe here.