The Australian Chocolate Chip Situation

These are good. So damn good that I nearly ate myself into a coma. My original intention was to make a treat for a presentation I had to give on the appropriate topic of Tasty Cities. What happened in the end was that I shared these with some friends and a birthday boy. Aside fromContinue reading “The Australian Chocolate Chip Situation”

It’s Stamp Collecting Month

It seems that nowadays there’s a month or day for celebrating just about everything under the sun. Take for example, the following commemorative months, which I have not made up: January: California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month February: Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month March: Caffeine Awareness Month April:¬†Landscape Architecture Month May:¬†Vinegar Month June:¬†AccordionContinue reading “It’s Stamp Collecting Month”

Australian Domino’s Mystery

Australia needs to learn how to make pizza. It is ironic that some of the yummiest pizza I have tasted in a while was in Bali. On a different note, there is a Domino’s around the corner from my apartment, and although I have not personally ordered a pizza from here, I have seen them.Continue reading “Australian Domino’s Mystery”

Reflection on Gastrointestinal Problems

More and more, I realize that I discuss food poisoning and, more generally, gastrointestinal issues in my posts. We’re all human, I suppose. It’s just that no one wants to discuss vomiting, diarrhea, and other not so pleasant sensations. To continue with my stomach stories, Bali was an incredibly eye-opening, chaotic, beautiful, stressful, spiritual, amazingContinue reading “Reflection on Gastrointestinal Problems”

Market Scenes, Bali

A visit to a market in the countryside near Ubud was the most “off the beaten track” experience in Bali. This is the ultimate farmers’ market, unlike any that I have ever visited. I’m not talking about homemade artisan granola, hormone-free-grass-fed chicken, or hearty linseed whole grain bread. I’m talking dirt, grime, and deliciousness. OneContinue reading “Market Scenes, Bali”