Vegan Spicy Black Bean Soup

Today is Easter and today I am not posting about cute bunny desserts or baskets stuffed with chocolate eggs. Instead, I offer you a lighter, yet still hearty,┬áVegan Spicy Black Bean Soup┬árecipe–the perfect way to recharge after over-indulging. Being a college student with an ill-equipped kitchen (I’m looking at you, mixing bowl that’s actually aContinue reading “Vegan Spicy Black Bean Soup”

Continuation of my Mexican Food Binge

Back in December, I met with the CEO and founder of a site called Tasted Menu. The concept is simple: eat a dish, post a picture, give it a rating. Unlike Yelp and other review sites, this site helps consumers narrow down the best dishes at a restaurant or in a city. You can alsoContinue reading “Continuation of my Mexican Food Binge”

Taqueria El Amigo, Waltham, MA

I am going to Mexico in March and so it would only be appropriate to go on a Mexican food-eating craze. In 48 hours, I had three Mexican meals, two of which were quite authentic. (One, tortilla chips with melted cheese in the microwave with guacamole during the football game, was not as authentic). MyContinue reading “Taqueria El Amigo, Waltham, MA”