Sweet Rosemary Sesame Pecans

I made these Sweet Rosemary Sesame Pecans as a Christmas gift this year. Addicting, sweet, salty, and savory, these were devoured within minutes. I might have to start a new holiday tradition with this recipe. The best part is that this snack is whipped up in a matter of minutes. Keep a watchful eye when toastingContinue reading “Sweet Rosemary Sesame Pecans”

Oil-Free Granola

Now that our stomachs have expanded thanks to Thanksgiving dinner, here’s a lighter and yet still filling snack to help you get back on track. This Oil-Free Granola uses applesauce, or if you have any on hand, pumpkin, to bind the oats and nuts together.  Because this recipe does not call for oil, it lacks thatContinue reading “Oil-Free Granola”