Healthy Green Peanut Butter Smoothie

I am a smoothie fiend. I have an arsenal of frozen bananas and yogurt in my kitchen at all times. I particularly like smoothies that kill two birds with one stone. Like this Green Peanut Butter Smoothie which boasts two heaping cups of spinach. Huzzah for vegetable consumption. Along with the spinach, the protein fromContinue reading “Healthy Green Peanut Butter Smoothie”

Smooth Start to Summer

You will feel healthy when you drink (or slurp, or scoop) this smoothie. You will feel your skin glow. You will be proud of the fact that you ate spinach for breakfast. You will be satisfied. Whenever I eat a healthy breakfast, I feel like I’ve given my body good karma for the day. ThisContinue reading “Smooth Start to Summer”